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HRIS: Personio

The SaaSy People, a rapidly growing company dedicated to supporting businesses in delivering high-quality customer service, faced challenges in managing HR processes. The founder, Reece Couchman, sought an all-in-one solution to simplify HR tasks, streamline onboarding and off-boarding, and enhance employee experiences.

The challenge

Finding a good HR system with integrated payroll

In his journey to locate a holistic HRIS, Reece explored several tools, finding that each one was missing something he needed. The quintessential platform for him would uncomplicated mundane tasks like logging time-off and document submissions, boast a flexible design ready for customisation, effortlessly integrate with other pivotal apps, and revamp the onboarding and off-boarding narrative.

During this exploratory phase, Reece finally stumbled upon Zelt: an embedded payroll system seamlessly integrating with accounting apps and various pension schemes.

The solution

A seamless transition

Having previously migrated to Personio before, Reece and Chris – the Customer Support Director at The SaaSy People expected adopting Zelt to be a lengthy and painful migration process that would take several weeks to complete.

However, they were pleasantly surprised to note that Zelt’s transition process was a revelation. It was efficient, smooth, and demanded minimal manual intervention, challenging their previous assumptions.

Reece Couchman
Reece Couchman
CEO of the Saasy People

After using 2 different HR tools promising integration to Xero, we resigned ourself to the fact an integration that delivered what we needed just wasn't available ... then we found Zelt. Not only is Zelt a fantastic HR platform, but their integration to Xero is also head and shoulders above anything else out there. We can now finally run all our payroll in Zelt and it all syncs perfectly with Xero!

User adoption

Easy to use platform

Zelt’s modern and user-centric UI design was a game-changer. Employees found themselves navigating the new system with unprecedented ease. Reese noted that his staff adapted to Zelt so easily that they did not have to ask him for help getting acquainted – which saved both his time and that of his employees. Routine chores, such as managing time-off, updating profiles, and safeguarding documents, transformed from tedious tasks to straightforward operations.


Customisable onboarding

Onboarding, a critical phase in HR, needed a makeover. Zelt’s modifiable onboarding process ensured that newcomers could feed in their data securely, streamlining the entire journey and eliminating cumbersome email exchanges.

One of Zelt’s standout features was its agility. When The SaaSy People voiced a need, Zelt was quick to respond. Their knack for rapidly rolling out feature requests meant that the platform was perpetually evolving, always inching closer to The SaaSy People’s ideal.


Efficient payroll system

The allure of Zelt’s payroll module wasn’t lost on Reece. The initial setup, where employees fed in their data during the onboarding phase, and subsequent updates, felt intuitive. The embedded mechanism of Zelt ensured that all sensitive details, from personal identifiers to bank specifics, found a secure home, accessible only when necessary.

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