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Finmile is a green delivery start-up using e-cargo bikes and electric lorries to help their clients lower their emissions. To meet this lofty goal Fin have been expanding, and have one of the fastest staff growth rates in the UK, for the first half of 2023.

Going from a staff of 4 to 130 workers in under six months, they needed a flexible HRIS and payroll platform to support them in their growth.

The challenge

Rapid onboarding and payroll management

Not only were Finmile faced with the task of rapidly onboarding over 100 new joiners, they also required a way to run multi schedule payroll for employees paid weekly and monthly, in parallel. In came Zelt, which provided one, easy to use, platform for payroll to be run.


Time-tracking that feeds directly into payroll

As Finmile’s workforce expanded, they encountered increasing difficulties in effectively managing payroll hours. The integration of attendance tracking with Zelt’s payroll system became a game-changer for them. This seamless sync drastically cut down the time spent inputting hours worked and significantly minimised errors. The direct result was a noticeable improvement in employee satisfaction. The efficient system eradicated delays in worker payments, ensuring timely compensation and reinforcing trust within the workforce.


Quick mass onboarding solution for a growing team

For a company like Finmile, onboarding large groups, especially ones exceeding 100 employees, can be a logistical challenge that demands a significant investment of time and extensive communication. Thankfully, Zelt’s innovative onboarding system offers a solution.

Through Zelt, Finmile can now bulk upload employees and directly populate their information onto the platform. This optimized approach not only reduces the man-hours typically devoted to such tasks but also drastically curtails the email exchanges generally associated with the onboarding process. With Zelt’s assistance, Finmile has experienced a more streamlined, swift, and effective onboarding process, enhancing the experience for both the company and its new hires.

Key Takeaways

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