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How can I manage multiple roles from one account?

Zelt is a single and configurable platform where you and your employees have the same interface. Admins have full control over what different employees and accounts will be able to see and do in Zelt. You can create your own custom permission groups with inclusion and exclusion rules for who it applies to.

How can I run payroll for all employees?

Zelt’s Global Payroll lets you set up your global operations in a few simple steps. Integrate your benefits, absence and attendance pay, expenses and more for your team once and scale it for the distributed teams, avoiding any double-work.

How can I include all devices in my workspace?

Zelt’s Devices app lets you manage your asset register with ease. Deploy security policies to your devices or specific groups of employees for your Apple, Windows or Android devices. Enable self-service for device owners if they run into any trouble or security issues – Zelt will guide them through the steps.

Can be Zelt integrated with my bank?

Zelt has integrations with most major UK banks, so you can start making payments straight away, without any set up from your end from your company’s bank account.

Some banks allow you to set execution dates in the future, so you can create and authorise payments in advance and just set them to be automatically made on the exact day you schedule them on.