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Former Revolut execs choose Zelt for Deblock

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Adriana Restrepo, former Head of People and COO at Revolut, came across Zelt when she was looking for a solution to support her in quickly setting up a fast growing team.

While building their team in the UK and EU, Adriana was looking for a solution that would enable them to:

  • Equip their international team with high-performance laptops
  • Simplify the process of gathering employment information and documents
  • Manage payroll
  • Manage HR operations
  • Handle app management in one place

Having worked with tools like Hibob and Payfit in the past, she was looking for something that could fulfil all her needs in one system and allow for more automation of IT admin.

The Challenge

Handle the complexities of onboarding a fast growing international team

Adriana was focused on building the team and she needed the onboarding process to be as simple as possible. On top of that, she needed a tool that could help her accommodate the team’s growing needs for centralised apps access and third party integrations.

With extensive operations management experience, Adriana had high standards for the tool that she was going to choose for payroll, employee onboarding, IT hardware and software management.

Zelt became the obvious choice, combining all of the above. On top of that, Zelt was also the solution to renting and delivering laptops for the remote team in the EU providing a diverse range of devices to choose from as well as the flexibility to request specific device models.

Adriana Restopo, former COO of Revolut
Adriana Restrepo
Former COO of Revolut

Zelt has been amazing at helping us set-up all things HR in an easy and compliant way. They are 10x better than more known systems like HiBob or Payfit and offer better and more competitive service. They are open to iterate their product to specific requirements which is amazing!


Payroll finally automated

Adriana is particularly impressed with the Zelt’s Payroll, app which is part of the Money module, that also includes contractor management and an open banking payments platform.

This is not the first time when Adriana had to deal with payroll, due to her former role as Head of People at Revolut’s banking division. Having used systems like Hibob and Payfit before, it was a surprise to Adriana how much easier payroll can be.

All the necessary information to set up and update payroll is collected from employees during their onboarding directly in Zelt for UK and international employees, ready to be used in Zelt’s native payroll engine.

All employee PII, from compensation to bank account details, are securely stored in Zelt’s secure database and never have to leave the platform, because all payroll, pension and tax documents are generated and kept in Zelt for employees to access from their personal Zelt account, from the browser or mobile app, and is stored in the app, which eliminates the need to update spreadsheets or exchange sensitive information via email.

Hardware provisioning

Seamless shipping of equipment to international employees

Adriana adopted Zelt from the moment it was just the founding members in the team. Since that point, they have onboarded 30 team members, ordered 20 MacBooks that were delivered in 3 different countries. Up until this point all done by Adriana herself due to the minimum effort required using Zelt’s device offering.

While financing capital expenditure of the expensive equipment required by their many engineers was not a major pain point, the convenience of renting devices from Zelt has become clear: There is no need to worry about depreciating assets on their balance sheet, worrying about accounting methodology when departing employees buy out their computers, or dealing with regular upgrades as the team matures.


Security seamlessly integrated into existing processes

As a regulated fintech, information security is not a nice-to-have and with Zelt’s Apps and Devices modules, protecting business applications and computers has never been easier.

Application access management

Adriana and her team can manage access to their core SaaS applications such as Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft 365, Notion and Jira in real-time directly from Zelt and automatically schedule the creation and deletion of accounts when on- and offboarding employees.

Zelt sends regular reports that flag accounts which are not associated with active employees, to minimise the risk of unauthorised access.

Device security

The danger of lost or stolen laptops is severe in an industry like fintech. Therefore, all computers that can access Deblock’s systems need to be adequately protected by configuring password rules, encryption and firewall settings. Remote control for installing software is required to keep up with the constantly evolving security needs of a modern fintech.

Finally, the ability to remotely mark a devices as stolen and retrieve its location, or to lock and wipe a device in case of loss or termination of an employee is a requirement that would usually mean needing additional tools such as Jamf or Jumpcloud, which need to be set up and maintained and add overhead for Adriana’s team

With Zelt’s integrated Mobile Device Management server, all devices added to Zelt’s asset register via the integrated store are automatically enrolled into MDM and protected via globally configured security policies.

Additionally, existing computers and those purchased elsewhere can be easily uploaded to Zelt and enrolled in less than 30 seconds.

Extensive integrations

Fast turnaround for 3rd party integration requests

Using Zelt has proven even more valuable when it comes to adding integrations with 3rd party apps. For example, being able to manage the creation and access of Jira accounts directly from Zelt, meant using one less system when onboarding a new joiner, so Adriana requested this integration with Zelt. The integration was live within the next 2 weeks, which was a great turnaround.

Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped:


Saving time, money and pain

With the adoption of Zelt, Adriana and the team achieved a number of goals including:

  • Quickly onboarding an extremely fast-growing team with minimum operational costs
  • Equipped their international team with performant laptops delivered all over the world;
  • Run payroll quickly and pain-free