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OneTrading, formerly known as BitPanda Pro, emerged as an independent entity with a mission to democratise cryptocurrency trading by making it secure and accessible for all. Their journey to autonomy began with the launch of BitPanda Pro in 2019, following a successful €30m Series A funding round spearheaded by Peter Thiel‘s Valar Ventures.

The transition was part of an early strategic plan, envisaging BitPanda Pro’s evolution into its own entity. Today, OneTrading stands as an independent body with full liberty to innovate and grow.

The challenge

Streamline operations across four countries in the midst of the spin-off from BitPanda

With the spin-off, OneTrading faced an imminent need for an efficient, compliant, and comprehensive HRIS and payroll solution that would streamline its operations.

They sought an easy-to-implement solution to facilitate swift data migration from the preceding HRIS and payroll system, run seamless payroll operations for their international team, measure time-tracking according to Austrian work regulations, centralise app access management, and conduct performance reviews.

The challenge was further complicated by the necessity for a simple and integrated method to conduct employee background checks during the onboarding process, given the highly regulated nature of the business.

Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped One Trading


Identity checks integrated in the onboarding process

As part of the onboarding requirements, Zelt integrated with the identity check provider Zinc, consolidating the background check process into one streamlined procedure, eliminating the need for maintaining and paying an additional system.

This move proved critical in ensuring the thoroughness of employee identity checks, which is paramount for a regulated company like OneTrading.

Access management

Centralised apps access management

By using the Zelt Apps Module, OneTrading has successfully achieved total control over the access management and usage of its core business applications. Moreover, they have the flexibility to fully customise the request access process for specific applications. To further enhance their security measures and streamline their access management, they have integrated with our system, leveraging the Okta integration to add an extra layer of security and convenience to their workflow.

To mitigate the risk of unauthorised access, Zelt sends routine reports that identify accounts not linked to active employees. These reports serve as a flagging mechanism to keep track of such accounts

Data migration

Frictionless data migration

The Zelt team handled the entire data migration process. Having to extract and migrate the data from the BitPanda systems in a limited amount of time, considering the large team size and complex data was initially a considerable concern. Despite this, the process was seamless and required minimal effort from the OneTrading team.


Devices integrated in the HR system

Bruno Ignacio, head of IT at One Trading, especially likes that the device management system is fully integrated into the Zelt HRIS platform. He says that ‘One Trading are not thinking of buying or renting devices anywhere but Zelt.’



Saving time, money and pain

By implementing Zelt, One Trading managed to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce the operational pains of employee data transfers as a result of the spin-off from BitPanda
  • Successfully met their data and employee security checks crucial for a regulated business
  • Manage a smooth transition from Workday and ADP in a short period of time