Time Off

Request, approve and keep track of time and attendance seamlessly directly in your HR software. Whether it's holiday, sick days, work from home, parental leave or unpaid holiday. Create custom policies and assign employees by rule. Get requests directly in Slack or mobile app.

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Connected to Google, Outlook, Slack and more
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International calendars
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Unlimited custom policies
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Create custom policies for absence or attendance that work for your team. Define granular prorating, accrual, approval logic as you like it. Make one-off changes or change carry-over rules for your employees.

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Seamless approval

Set your notifications preferences in the settings. Let your managers get back to team’s requests directly in Slack or in the mobile app.

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Integrates with payroll

Absence information is integrated with Zelt payroll, so you don't have to enter unpaid leave or statutory pay manually anymore.

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Promote wellbeing

Spot overworked team members and make sure your team gets enough rest. Plan your resources effectively with Team Calendar and see if there is any overlap with team members.

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International holiday

Cinco de mayo or Le 14 juillet. Let your international teams take local holidays wherever they are based.


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