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Private equity backed OneDome consolidates HR and payroll across group

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One Dome, a rising star in the property marketplace, offers a comprehensive platform for the entire home buying experience.

Serving both eager home buyers and potential sellers, this all-inclusive hub streamlines the intricacies of purchasing a home. With multiple accolades under its belt for its groundbreaking solutions, One Dome is committed to transforming the traditionally complex process of buying a house into a simple and smooth journey.

OneDome Group was founded by Babek Ismayil, a former Senior Vice President of Credit Trading at J.P. Morgan, and is financially backed by Lord Jacob Rothschild, Chairman of Rothchild Investment Trust plc and Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. Chairman of OneDome is Sir Nigel Knowles, former CEO and Chairman of DLA Piper and current CEO of DWF Plc, the UK’s largest publicly listed law firm.

Due to a number of acquisitions, One Dome faced several new HR challenges. They turned to Zelt to find a solution.

The Challenge

Managing multiple payrolls and scattered data

Due to recent acquisitions, OneDome had to manage a diverse payroll structure, time off policies, and scattered employee data stored in legacy systems. The complexity of handling multiple entities and disparate data sources created inefficiencies, increased the risk of errors, and hindered accurate reporting and analysis.

OneDome were looking for a way to simplify operations, and found that with Zelt they could consolidate their data and payroll into a single platform.


Multi-entity payroll

Navigating the complex world of property marketplaces, OneDome sought efficiency in its back-end operations. With its rapid expansion, managing diverse payroll needs became crucial. Zelt’s multi-entity payroll system emerged as the perfect fit. Offering flexibility, Zelt enables OneDome to concurrently run four independent payrolls within a single integrated system, streamlining processes while ensuring data integrity.

Document management

No wasted time on document management

Zara Baker, HR lead at OneDome, found a solution to streamline onboarding and off-boarding, in Zelt’s burgeoning document management tool. Observing that all the onboarding forms she needed could be uploaded rapidly and at a high quality, Zara is left with more capacity to do the real work.

It was also noted that Zelt’s document feature would eradicate the need for Docusign to be used – saving time, and keeping data safe by limiting multiple employee access to documents.

Picture of Zara Baker
Zara Baker
HR Lead at OneDome

The document management feature is a game changer because it reduces email admin or need for Docusign. I love that the completed docs get emailed through - another timesaver for those administering the docs!


Everything is customisable in Zelt

OneDome was pleasantly surprised at the customisations the Zelt team were able to offer. It was especially useful for OneDome that Zelt offered easily customisable income additions and deductions according to the unique needs of each entity, to fit their rapidly expanding employee base. Zara says that the customisable nature of Zelt makes the platform unique, ‘there is a lot of workaround, there is normally a way, and if not the Zelt team will add your feature request to the road map.

One Specific feature that benefits from customisation is the reporting tool. Zara compared Zelt’s functionality in reporting to her previous experience with Workday, and found that she was able to save time due to the specificity of filters offered with Zelt. Previously, it had taken Zara anywhere up to a week to be able to obtain relevant fields for reporting. Using Zelt, all the filters she needed were in place already.



Eliot Vigar
Elliott Vigar
OneDome General Counsel

Zelt enables us to do payroll in house with an in house team, saving us money and time.


Centralising scattered legacy data

In the midst of OneDome’s growth, the challenge of scattered legacy data loomed. Zelt provided an efficient solution, eradicating data silos by centralising all of OneDome’s employees into one cohesive system. This not only streamlined data access but also ensured consistent and accurate employee information across the board.

Zelt’s performance management tool enabled OneDome to digitalise data on employee performance. This allows HR to be automatically kept up to date on employee data, without individual reports spread inconsistently across the firm, in different formats.

User Experience

Better customer experience with Zelt

OneDome discovered that Zelt’s user-friendly interface was enhanced by the prompt support from Delia, Zelt’s Head of Customer Success. Delia consistently addresses queries in under five minutes, often providing demo videos to assist. Zara highlighted her collaborative work with Delia in transitioning data and tailoring Zelt to OneDome’s specific needs—a level of customisation she hadn’t found with other software like Workday.

Due to all this, Zara says that OneDome intend to remain a loyal customer of Zelt’s for the foreseeable future.

Key Takeaways

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