Isometric picks Zelt as it taps $25m in funding

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At the heart of the global climate change battle is Isometric, a trailblazer in carbon removal. Led by Eamon Jubbawy, Isometric operates as both a registry and a science platform, championing rapid and responsible Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) growth.

Their dual approach? A soon-to-launch Science Platform that fosters transparent, collaborative scientific ventures, and a Registry, debuting later in 2023, which upholds rigorous and transparent CDR scaling. Isometric’s mission is clear: anchor the industry in unwavering trust and integrity. Their dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. A recent boost of $25 million in seed funding underscores faith in their transformative approach.

As Isometric grows, the complexities of organisational management become pronounced. To address this, they’ve partnered with Zelt, ensuring their HR framework matches their ambitious mission. In uniting with Zelt, Isometric is poised not just to lead but to redefine the carbon removal space.

The challenge

Complex payroll

Before Zelt, Isometric grappled with a manual payroll update process. Name changes, bonuses, overcharges – every change meant manually updating a ‘Payroll updates’ file, which was both time-consuming and prone to human error.

The solution

Streamlined payroll processes

Zelt’s direct payroll feature changed the game. It eliminated the cumbersome manual tracking system, making the entire payroll process seamless. Isometric’s payroll team no longer dreaded the end-of-the-month payroll rush. Instead, they had a reliable system that ensured accuracy and efficiency.

Other HR systems

Ease of use

Isometric had previous experience with a few HR platforms: Bamboo HR, People HR, and Workday. Each of these platforms had its strengths, but Isometric found a better fit with Zelt. A notable observation was how Zelt’s simplicity stood in stark contrast to other platforms like People HR, which was felt to be overcomplicated. The simplicity and efficiency of Zelt’s platform meant that Isometric could focus on its core business activities, with the assurance that their HR processes were in competent hands.


Integrations that keep everything simple

In today’s digital age, integration is the key. Zelt’s Google calendar integration was a standout feature for Isometric. It ensured that HR activities and schedules were always in sync with employees’ calendars, making planning and coordination effortless.

One of Isometric’s significant insights during its transition to Zelt was that HR platforms didn’t need to do everything – they just needed to do the right things excellently. This resonated with Zelt’s philosophy of building a platform around core strengths. Isometric appreciated this approach, citing that other HRIS systems often lose focus by trying to offer too much.

Key Takeaways

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