Core values

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We are courageous

By nature, our product is different. Sometimes this means that there are no places to look for a solution - so we have to be brave and make a decision. We prefer to act fast and start simple, rather than over-engineer a complex solution. We are humble and open to learn from our mistakes and move ahead.

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We power through together

We are a team of talented professionals that have come together to build something great - so we trust in each others powers. Working together makes us greater than the sum of our parts. So we leave our egos at the door. We take ownership of our work and act autonomously but never in isolation.

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We set the bar high

We never settle for average - we push ourselves to build the best product. We are not afraid to challenge each other and be challenged, nothing personal! We think deep about the things we build and understand the why behind our decisions.

Great companies empower their people to be productive and have a good experience at work, and we believe that an employee platform should be built with the primary goal to achieve just that.

The team

This is our rocket ship crew. We are working hard to make running business simpler for everyone.

Photo of team member Alberto
Founder Associate
Photo of team member Alex
Lead Mobile Engineer
Photo of team member Alex
Product Design Lead
Photo of team member Dan
Head of Operations
Photo of team member Dave
Senior Engineer
Photo of team member Delia
Head of Customer Success
Photo of team member Michal
Backend Engineer
Photo of team member Polina
Head of Product
Photo of team member Radu
Product Engineer
Photo of team member Sandeep
Lead Engineer
Photo of team member Shafia
Product Engineer

What clients say about us

Our investors

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