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Patch is a London-based startup that’s on a mission to reimagine the world of work and reinvent co-working with work-near-home spaces.The Patch workplaces have vibrant designs, high-quality work infrastructure, and a programme of community events that are designed to support working and community needs close to home.Freddie Fforde was looking for a solution that would enable him to:
  • Manage payroll and HR operations
  • Stay compliant with employer obligations
  • Provide the team with rental Macbooks and iPads
  • Simplify digital paperwork (emails, forms, and data scattered across multiple systems)
  • Deliver an amazing employee experience.

The Challenge

Build efficient people processes

Freddie Fforde, the founder of Patch, quickly recognised the fact that he needed to bring structure into employee onboarding, payroll, and the management of day to day operations, even before making his first hire.

He realised that all this no-value-added admin would be a productivity drain for him and take a lot of time — which is why finding a simple solution to manage payroll and HR operations was so important to him.Building a strong company culture and providing excellent employee experience were on the top of his priority list, so he didn’t want to be sidetracked with admin work.

He discovered Zelt just before hiring his first team member and instantly saw the value of having an easy-to-use platform to streamline payroll and HR management.

The Solution

Time and resources are now reinvested into delivering an amazing employee experience & building Patch's culture

From the moment he first started using Zelt, Freddie realised how beneficial the platform could be for him and his team.Today, Zelt helps free up his and his team’s time and resources that he’s now able to invest into delivering an amazing employee experience and building Patch’s culture.According to Freddie, Zelt helps him by “saving time and mental headspace”, which is also the reason why it’s so valuable to him, as it enables him to concentrate better on critical tasks.

Structured admin and HR Operations

Zelt brings structure to admin & HR operations and makes compliance effortless

Freddie finds Zelt very simple and easy to use, and, most importantly, critical in streamlining admin work and HR processes.

Zelt gave Freddie the confidence that he was being compliant, helped him organise his admin tasks, and brought peace of mind in managing HR operations at Patch.

Patch is using Zelt for payroll and general HR/employee management, which enables them to significantly reduce the amount of digital paperwork they need to process and brings clarity and simplicity to their processes.

photo of Freddie Fforde, the founder of Patch
Freddie Fforde
Founder of Patch

Zelt is structuring all of the essential 'must haves' to employ my staff on day one. It gave me confidence that I was being compliant, it was simple and organised all the non value add admin that I would otherwise waste my time on. It meant I could reinvest that time in delivering an amazing employee experience (instead of hassling with paperwork and getting confused!)

Fast feature developement and great customer service

Zelt's customer service and the fast implementation of new features make life easier

As one of Zelt’s earliest adopters, Freddie says he was impressed with the quality of the customer service, the speed of development and implementation of new features, and the team’s reactiveness to new customer requests.

He believes that Zelt is the right software for his team because it is “an easy, simple, great service on a really fast trajectory to build many more new things”.

For all those reasons, he’s been happily recommending the platform to others.

Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped Patch