How Zelt helped Pickles seamlessly onboard their new team members

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Pickles is a new kind of vet. A membership based model, with fast appointments, modern locations, a team that makes time to care for their patients, they are on a mission to not only provide the best patient care, but also give a simple, affordable and smart alternative to traditional vet practices.

While building the team that was going to do that, Richard White, the Founder and CEO of Pickles was looking for a solution to assist him in following the correct processes to onboard a new team, run payroll and provide devices for the new hires.

The Challenge

Time consuming onboarding process

Richard was setting up for getting a fast growing team onboarded to Pickles. For that he did not only need a quick way to get all the necessary employment documents, but also a quick and easy way to get ready to use laptops delivered quickly for the team. Having previously founded the successful protech startup Goodlord, Richard was aware of the time it took to get a new joiner properly onboarded. However, he didn’t know that there was an easier solution, until he discovered Zelt.

Richard White
Richard White

You don't actually realise how much time and pain you spend getting people set up until you use Zelt.

One easy to use platform

Onboarding, payroll and device management all in one place

Richard implemented Zelt at Pickles when there were only 3 people in the team, Since then, the team has grown with 8 more people and each of them has got a rental laptop from Zelt. This has been very helpful for the team, as it enabled them to start working straight away, without having to experience the wasted hours caused by waiting for their laptop to be set up, or not being delivered on time.

After onboarding the first 3 members of the team, Pickles also started using Zelt for payroll. After the initial set up, Richard realised that running payroll is much easier than he thought. This meant that he could save the time he would typically use on this task, and also be able to delegate it to another team member easily when needed.



Quick development and turnaround of feature requests

Another thing that Richard noticed since he started using Zelt, was the speed of new feature development. Apart from the visual improvements, one specific feature that made the employee onboarding experience even easier was the laptop activation via the QR code which enables the employees to self-serve. 


Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped


Saving money, time and hassle

By adopting Zelt, Pickles has

  • Saved time with onboarding new employees
  • Rental devices delivered and ready for their employees first day
  • A structured way of running payroll, HR management and operations in one place