A next generation HR software that contains your employee master data, and integrates directly with time off, payroll, benefits and more. Minimise time spent on admin using automation and employee self-service.


All your people data in one place

Keep all your employee and contractor information in one place, ready to be used across HR, payroll and IT operations. Never again enter data manually more than once and get reminded of important dates and events in the team.

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Automate onboarding & offboarding

Zelt collects personal, tax and payroll information of new joiners, creates an email address, sets up accounts in work apps like Slack and Hubspot and ships out a laptop. Offboard someone in 30 seconds and schedule suspension of email and work apps at a future date.

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Employee self-service

Employees keep their profile up to date themselves and are nudged to complete missing information. Need a document? Request it on Zelt and it nudges the employee to upload it.Changes are easy to track and automatically applied across other apps like Payroll and Payments.

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Freddie Fforde


Automating people operations has freed up time that we can now spend on creating team culture and improving employee experience. Rather than hassling the team with paperwork and creating confusion about internal processes.

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Streamline approvals

Don’t make people jump through hoops to get what they need from you. From booking time off, to getting access to Hubspot or ordering a faster laptop. Approve with one click on email, Slack or mobile and let Zelt execute the request without delay.

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Make better decision using analytics

Embed data analytics into day-to-day HR processes consistently and use its predictive power to drive better decision making.

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Ensure compliance

Zelt makes sure you collect emergency contact information, check right to work or pay departing employees for remaining statutory leave. Simply export Zelt’s compliance report and share it with investors or auditors if they ask.

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Reduce your attack vector for phishing and accidental data breaches.
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Make it easy for your team to engage with you in one system rather than several.
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Create custom fields and access permissions and tailor Zelt around the way you work.


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