Unlock the insights needed for growth. Launch surveys in a matter of minutes and at any stage of the employee lifecycle. Use our broad question library or create your own. Invite participants, set visibility settings and analyse the insights using complex filters and heatmaps.

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Uncover what powers your people

Get instant insights into engagement. Drill down into the questions and results which are driving trends over time. Equip leaders with tailored dashboards and reports, pinpointing exactly what is needed to power engagement and employee retention.

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Ready-to-use and customisable surveys

Spend less time on set-up and more time on actioning results with our off-the-shelf surveys, or customise them to your specific business needs.

Finger on the pulse

Keep your finger on the pulse

Foster a culture of continuous feedback and transparency by gathering employee insights at key milestones and events, such as onboarding, work anniversaries, and exit interviews. Leverage these surveys to gain real-time perspectives, fine-tune operational processes, and enhance overall organisational effectiveness and engagement.

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Smitha Sanjeev

HR Lead @ Yonder

We use both surveys and reviews on Zelt and we highly rely on it for our probation reviews, quarterly reviews, employee satisfaction surveys. I love having all the feedback in one place and being able to customize the questions we ask and the types of answers.

Improve participation

Improve participation for better results

Supercharge your feedback process with Smart Surveys, making it a breeze for employees to share their thoughts. Unlock precise, real-time results that empower your decision-making.


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