Unlock the insights needed for growth. Launch surveys in a matter of minutes, directly in your HR software. Understand employee's onboarding experience, engagement over lifecycle or run regular check-ins. Turn insights into patterns and trends with Impact analysis.

Impact analysis

Make a difference

Uncover the true drivers of change within your team with Impact Analysis. By leveraging statistical correlations between survey results and factors, dive deeper into actionable insights that drive meaningful transformation. Empower your teams to make informed decisions that resonate with your team's needs and aspirations.

Engagement trend

Track engagement

Stay connected with your team's pulse and drive success with our Engagement Surveys. Regular check-ins enable effective people management, ensuring top talent retention and a deep understanding of team dynamics. Evaluate trends and nurture your organisation's growth with confidence.

Survey Settings

Make it yours

Take it easy with Zelt's question library and send a survey in a few clicks, or go "Pro" and set anonymity thresholds, smart triggers for invites, add custom scales for your surveys. Use factor analysis to get unbiased results.

Photo of Smitha Sanjeev

Smitha Sanjeev

HR Lead @ Yonder

We use both surveys and reviews on Zelt and we highly rely on it for our probation reviews, quarterly reviews, employee satisfaction surveys. I love having all the feedback in one place and being able to customize the questions we ask and the types of answers.


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