Empower your people to perform, grow and succeed: Elevate the performance review experience, providing both people teams and managers with a toolkit for the continuous alignment of goals, feedback, and expectations in an engaging and transparent manner.

Performance reviews chart

360° Capture

Effortlessly gather comprehensive feedback from all angles with our smart forms, streamlining performance reviews for managers, employees, peers and upward reports. Gain valuable insights into strengths and areas for growth efficiently and reliably.

Review smart templates

Question library

Access a curated repository of top-tier questionnaires through our Question Library, empowering managers to save time while optimising performance evaluations. Customise scales, apply weights, and tap into industry standards for insightful benchmarking. Elevate your outcomes with precision and efficiency.

Reviews Calibration

Result calibration

Foster transparency and consistency in team growth with Results Calibration. Engage decision-makers across teams to facilitate meaningful conversations, ensuring fair outcomes and driving collective growth transparently. Even if results remain unchanged, the calibration process is invaluable as it reaffirms the integrity and reliability of your evaluation, fostering trust and confidence in the process.

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Zara Baker

HR Lead @ One Dome

Having the possibility to remind employees to fill in their reviews directly from Zelt is a game changer for me as I don't have to maintain an additional system for this; on top of that, forms are easy to create and can be customized to all our company's needs


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