Empower your people to perform, grow and succeed: Elevate the performance review experience with Zelt's performance module, providing both people teams and managers with a toolkit for the continuous alignment of goals, feedback, and expectations in an engaging and transparent manner.

Performance - Goal setting 1x

Keep the whole company aligned with your mission

Set & track goals/OKRs on a company, team and individual basis. Managers & teams can collaborate on goal setting, link with 1-1s and leverage performance reviews to track progress and measure results.

Performance 1-1

Drive meaningful check-ins

Conduct efficient and effective 1:1s. Set a shared agenda, make notes and create/track follow up actions. Connect to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Performance - Reviews 1x

Review cycles that work for you

Run impactful 360 feedback cycles. Manage everything from annual, quarterly, project-based, leadership reviews and more. Customise visibility settings as well as send out invitations and reminders directly in Zelt. Quick access to past reviews, OKRs and 1:1 notes helps ensure comprehensive and fair feedback.

Picture of Zara Baker

Zara Baker

HR Lead @ One Dome

Having the possibility to remind employees to fill in their reviews directly from Zelt is a game changer for me as I don't have to maintain an additional system for this; on top of that, forms are easy to create and can be customized to all our company's needs

Performance - results 1x

Unlock the data to create a high-performing team

Measure performance trends over time. Track across individuals, teams, departments, entities and skills. Quickly identify high-performers, implement performance plans and leverage calibrated weighted scores for promotion considerations.


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