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Spotted Zebra stands at the forefront of addressing the global skills-gap crisis by offering a unique workforce management platform that matches skills with opportunities throughout the talent lifecycle. As many companies pivot to skills-based operations, many falter due to a lack of the right tools. Spotted Zebra emerges as the game-changer in this realm, placing skills at the very heart of talent decisions, be it hiring, succession planning, or reskilling. Their ethos is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone has a distinct skill or ‘superpower’, essential in combating this crisis. Facing challenges in streamlining HR processes, Spotted Zebra turned to Zelt to transform their HR operations and resolve these pressing issues.


The challenge

A growing team with scattered data

Mark Chalmers, the Head of People, faced a daunting task. With the team size rapidly approaching 60 members, relying on individual spreadsheets and separate systems to manage HR processes was becoming unsustainable. Mark needed a comprehensive platform that could manage employee information, track absences, conduct engagement surveys, facilitate performance evaluations, and offer easy data exporting. The platform also needed to integrate seamlessly with tools like Workable for onboarding, equipment management systems for IT purposes, and systems for automating background checks.

The solution

Zelt aids time saving and efficiency

Zelt emerged as the answer to Mark’s challenges. Beyond merely being an HRIS, Zelt consolidated various functionalities, thus eliminating the need for multiple systems. With Zelt, Mark found himself saving considerable time and effort, handling everything from storing employee contracts to sending out engagement surveys, all from a singular platform.

OKR management

Easy to track team goals

One of Zelt’s standout features, as highlighted by Chief of Staff Patrick Davis, was its capacity to handle OKRs efficiently. Davis appreciated that the tool permitted employees and line managers to establish and monitor OKRs with minimal intervention from HR or leadership. Gone were the days of cumbersome spreadsheets; now, with a growing team, Zelt made the OKR process straightforward and integrated.

All in one platform

A holistic approach to HR

A critical element that set Zelt apart, especially when compared to competitors like Humaans, was its holistic approach. As Davis emphasized, having a shared calendar feature for time-off information was instrumental in facilitating teamwide meetings. The platform’s all-encompassing nature meant that employees were already familiar with it for tasks like checking holiday schedules or verifying pay. Chalmers, handling multiple HR tasks single-handedly, found the unified platform to be a game-changer, making his workload more manageable and efficient.

Key Takeaways

How Zelt helped?