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How the European Leadership Network found an all in one platform for onboarding and device management in Zelt.



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The European Leadership Network (ELN) is an independent, non-partisan organisation that connects over 300 current and future European leaders to tackle the continent’s most pressing political and security challenges.

Charisse Fallaria, ELN’s head of HR, was looking for a way to equip her global team with devices that would be both cost effective and secure. She was recommended Zelt by a former colleague, and soon found that it was the ideal, all in one, platform for HR tasks in addition to sourcing devices. 

The challenge

Devices and an all in one platform for HR

Before switching to Zelt, the ELN had used Bright HR for six years, but found that they were not using most of the features, and ended up paying handsomely for a service that their staff found clunky and unusable. In addition, as an NGO with a remote, global workforce, they needed a cost effective way to provide secure laptops. 

Charisse Fallaria
Charisse Fallaria
Head of HR at the ELN

‘Buying brand new laptops is expensive, I liked that using Zelt’s device rentals was like having a phone contract deal, you can easily swap out machines.’


Inexpensive and secure

The ELN found it costly and challenging to purchase and distribute laptops across Europe. Given their status as an NGO in the current political environment, they were particularly concerned about device security. Fortunately, Zelt’s device rental service offered a solution. Their devices come with a pre-configured MDM system, ensuring they’re secure and ready for immediate use.

Charisse especially appreciates that Zelt devices come with notifications for antivirus software updates. This feature helps her monitor each device’s security and promptly remind employees who might be lagging behind.

All in one platform

Easy to use, intuitive UI

After turning to Zelt for devices, Charisse discovered she could consolidate HR, onboarding, and document management all in one platform. This led her to transition from Bright HR to Zelt, finding it not only more user-friendly but also more cost-effective.


Great customer service makes onboarding easy

The onboarding process with Zelt was refreshingly straightforward, making a significant impact by ensuring that new employees were primed and ready even before their inaugural day. Charisse noted that Delia, Zelt’s dedicated customer success manager, played an instrumental role in this seamless transition. She meticulously transferred everything over from Bright HR, was proactive in her approach, and provided an abundance of resources to aid the ELN’s shift. This proved invaluable as the ELN, currently in a phase of rapid expansion, found itself needing to onboard a higher number of new starters than typical. With Zelt, this became a breeze.

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