Effortless HR and admin centralisation: Simplifying operations with Zelt at TransitionZero

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TransitionZero is a nonprofit climate tech organisation on a mission to empower their partners with open data products in order to shape a future full of clean energy. By combining data analysis with financial modelling, TransitionZero aims to increase the level of data transparency and access decision makers have about the risks of backing fossil fuels and the benefits of shifting to zero carbon solutions.

In order to help them achieve this mission, the TransitionZero team needed to centralise their HR and admin, so that their processes would be streamlined, improving their efficiency accordingly! In came Zelt, prepared to assist TransitionZero by allowing them to successfully simplify and automate their admin and HR tasks. The result? Cost savings and greater productivity.

Zelt empowers TransitionZero to optimise their operations to focus on what is really important – saving the world with clean energy.

The Challenge

Previous HR systems could not keep up with the growing demand for efficiency.

The team at TransitionZero needed an efficient way to manage HR operations, run payroll in-house and reduce the operational burden of purchasing, delivering and maintaining the devices used by their hybrid team.

Before Zelt, the operations team was using a legacy HR system that did not integrate with other tools they needed, and required a lot of maintenance. After a key member of the ops team left TransitionZero, it became increasingly clear that the inherited system was not enough to deal with all their admin and HR challenges. Additionally, buying, storing and distributing devices to a hybrid team also became a burden that would eat up the operation’s team time.

Hristina Petkova profile picture
Hristina Petkova
Head of Ops at TransitionZero

I was initially scared when we brought payroll in house but I realised how easy it is with Zelt, and whenever I have a question I get immediate support!


Automated in-house payroll

Hristina Petkova, Head of Operations, joined the team at TransitionZero a few months after they had implemented Zelt. She was soon given the responsibility of running payroll, which at first seemed very overwhelming, since Hristina had never been in charge of payroll before.

However, she quickly realised that running payroll with Zelt was in fact much easier than she had been anticipating, and could be done in a matter of minutes. Using Zelt also gave Hristina the chance to familiarise herself with payroll processes, an important skill for an ops professional.

Device management

Seamless device management system

Hristina was also pleasantly surprised with Zelt’s device rental and management solution. It is a huge relief to pass on the hassle of buying, storing, sending or collecting laptops for a growing international team. Hristina has since recommended Zelt’s device services to other companies, suggesting that they should consider replacing all their existing laptops with Zelt laptops.

On top of that, being able to manage and view device security and encryption levels is a great plus, especially for a global team.


Fast feature implementation

Hristina and the team are now aiming to transfer all their admin operations into Zelt. Having the option to request features, such as custom time away policies or an in-built benefits platform, is very important for them. The team at Zelt is fast to act on improvement requests which is another differentiating factor from competitors, especially legacy HR services.

Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped:


Saving time, money and hassle

Zelt has helped TransitionZero:

  • Set up and run payroll in house
  • Remove the operational burden of buying and managing devices.
  • Continue to optimise people operations processes and managing devices.
  • Focus on the business objectives rather than the admin tasks.