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Adamo Foods is at the forefront of the sustainable food movement, introducing their groundbreaking fungi-based steaks to the global market. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, they have successfully crafted ultra-realistic alternatives to traditional meat cuts. Their mission goes beyond just production; they aim to educate and show customers that choosing sustainable options doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or quality.

As the company experienced growth, the need to streamline their administrative functions became evident. They embarked on a quest to find the perfect HR software to support their expanding team. In Zelt, they not only found a software solution but a partner. Zelt offered them an intuitive, all-in-one platform, amalgamating HR processes and payroll services, making management simpler and more efficient.

The challenge

Confusing and complicated payroll

As an early stage start up scaling up, Adamo Foods were hit by complications and regulations around payroll that they were unsure how to navigate. Outsourcing payroll to contractors is expensive, and Adamo Foods were determined t0 run payroll themselves. Zelt, their HR system, enabled Adamo to run payroll in house without any hassle, in the same platform as onboarding and time booking.

Nick Wood
COO of Adamo Foods

We remain super impressed with Zelt, as a company, and as a team - they are always fast and helpful.

The solution

Adamo Foods were empowered by Zelt to conduct their own payroll

Through Zelt, Adamo Foods could run payroll in house, in one easy to use platform. Payroll has always elicited new hires and caused headaches, but with Zelt, Adamo Foods were empowered to upskill, and run their own payroll with no additional hires or contractor payments. The Adamo Foods team stress that ‘things have been getting smoother and smoother doing payroll on Zelt.’



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