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Efficiency unleashed: Zelt’s all-in-one HR management software saves Surfboard’s operations team hours

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While researching potential HR tools, Nora Beqaj, Surfboard’s Head of Operations, stumbled upon Zelt, an all-in-one HR management software. Unlike its competitors, Zelt promised a swift sales cycle coupled with an effortless onboarding process.

Much to Nora’s delight, within a day of initial interactions, she was granted access to a Zelt account that was near-ready to go. The speed and ease of setting up Zelt was in stark contrast to other HR platforms, which often had lengthy and confusing onboarding procedures.

Instead Zelt provided an integrated space for all HR-related tasks, from managing employee data and leave balances to handling reviews and documentation – in one, easy to set up, platform. People operations has never been simpler.

The Challenge

Finding a unified platform

Surfboard, a London-based company dedicated to simplifying team planning and fostering healthy work environments for customer service agents, faced the all too common challenge of finding a robust HRIS management tool that seamlessly integrates every facet of people operations. Their answer was found in Zelt, the game-changing, all-encompassing HR management software that not only met their needs but set new industry standards.

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Nora Begaj
Head of Ops Surfboard

Zelt is a singular place for Time Off, Payroll, Reviews, and Documents was what we needed. I chose Zelt over other HRIS management platforms because the UI was super simple and easy to understand, and the short sales cycle and active onboarding support meant minimal migration headache.

Fast set-up

Rapid Onboarding: Zelt's 24-Hour Solution to Operational Efficiency

Remarkably, within 24 hours from her initial conversation with the Zelt team, Nora received an invitation to her new, almost entirely set up, Zelt account. The seamlessness of her onboarding experience was the decisive factor Nora needed to switch over to Zelt. She had been in search of a system that would save her time and enhance operational efficiency. With Zelt, Nora gained a clear and comprehensive platform where she could manage everything she needed – from people, information and time off to reviews and documents – reducing her administrative workload.


Seamless Integration: How Zelt's Apps Feature automated Surfboard's Workspace Management

One of Nora’s favourite Zelt features is the integration with Slack, which allows her to receive time away notifications directly in the messaging app. With this information at her fingertips, Nora has leveraged the feature to determine the level of desk availability in the Surfboard office, adding a unique touch to workspace management.

Key Takeaways

Zelt has helped: