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Kolleno, a London-based financial operations platform, has rapidly evolved from a small startup to a significant player in finance. With their expertise in receivables, payments, and reconciliation, they’ve set their sights on becoming a comprehensive solution for CFOs and finance teams. This ambition, however, brought a challenge: managing their expanding team, which grew from four to nearly twenty employees, spanning across London and internationally.

To support this growth, Kolleno needed an HRIS and payroll system that was as efficient and adaptable as their services. They found their solution in Zelt, handpicked from within the startup community. Zelt stood out as an ideal partner, offering the scalability and simplicity needed to manage Kolleno’s diverse team effectively.

This partnership marks a critical step in Kolleno’s expansion, ensuring their HR operations keep pace with their rapid business growth and global reach.

The challenge

Ensuring security and compliance during rapid expansion

As Kolleno expanded, growing from a team of four to twenty, the organisation faced significant challenges in managing its increasing workforce. This expansion, stretching across London and globally, necessitated a robust system for effective team management. A key challenge was ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations, as a growing team meant more complex payroll and tax obligations. Accurate and lawful payroll processing became crucial, both for financial accuracy and legal compliance.

Additionally, Kolleno wanted to efficiently manage time within its workforce, including tracking work hours, leaves, and absences. This required a system capable of handling these tasks while being user-friendly for employees.

Concerns about the security of HR and payroll data also emerged, particularly as Kolleno deals with sensitive financial information. They sought a platform offering strong security features, essential for data protection and meeting the ISO 27001 standard for information security management. Kolleno’s solution needed to be scalable, secure, HMRC-compliant, and user-friendly, streamlining their HR and payroll processes while maintaining the highest data security standards.

The solution

A comprehensive platform that does it all

Upon encountering Zelt, Kolleno recognized its potential as an all-in-one, scalable HRIS and payroll platform. It offered a cost-effective solution that didn’t compromise on functionality. Zelt’s ability to provide what CFO Djibrane Larrabure calls ‘a single source of truth’ for employee information; and to securely and manage payroll and vacations efficiently was particularly appealing, as it aligned with Kolleno’s goal of scaling operations while maintaining high security standards. Kolleno were also able to use Zelt to encompass their full suite of needs, including using the well priced and time saving device rental programme.


Single source of employee information

According to CFO Djibrane Larrabure, the Kolleno team found Zelt’s onboarding process to be  seamless and intuitive. Kolleno appreciated the hands-on support, including direct involvement from Zelt’s CEO and a dedicated Slack channel for ongoing needs, with any queries answered within minutes. This level of customer support facilitated a smooth transition for the Kolleno team, making it easy for employees to onboard and provide their information.

Djibrane Larrabure
Djibrane Larrabure
CFO of Kolleno

As a startup we don’t yet have a big HR team. Zelt allows us to utilise our capacity to focus only on value adding activities. It makes things seamless that would be more tedious and take up more time if done manually.


Cost effective and secure

Zelt’s integration with secure, user-friendly devices was critical. Ensuring information security was paramount, and Zelt’s adherence to ISO 27001 standards provided Kolleno with the confidence that their data was well-protected. Zelt provides Kolleno with a cost effective device service that does not require human capital or resources, allowing the Kolleno team to focus on the more important things.

Time saving

Cutting down on HR manual admin

The implementation of Zelt has brought significant time savings for Kolleno, a startup with a lean HR team. By automating routine and time-consuming tasks, Zelt enables the team to focus on high-value activities rather than getting bogged down in manual processes. This efficiency is evident in everyday scenarios, such as quickly determining who is out of the office at any given time, without needing a dedicated HR professional to manage such information. Zelt’s ever evolving nature, and the consistent introduction of new features, means that it functions as a comprehensive solution for Kolleno.

Zelt is a one-stop-shop for all HR needs, acting as a single source of truth and greatly enhancing productivity within the team. This automation and ease of access to information allow Kolleno to allocate its resources more effectively, focusing on strategic tasks that add value to the team and the business as a whole.

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