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Previous tools

HRIS: Citrus HR

Payroll: Xero

Landmark Games, a UK-based mobile gaming studio, is designed on the premise and significance of sharing. Every aspect of their game design, features, and proprietary technology is crafted to facilitate a fulfilling and socially-rewarding gaming experience. Their commitment lies in delivering free-to-play games that players can’t resist sharing, opening doors to a multitude of exciting possibilities with every share. But as they scaled and their team grew, Landmark Games encountered challenges in HR and payroll, highlighting the need for a sophisticated solution – enter Zelt.

The challenge

A cumbersome multiple channel HR process

For Landmark Games, their industry did not pose unique HR or payroll challenges, but they grappled with goal setting, performance evaluations, and the intricacies of onboarding in a system not designed for rapid growth. The previous reliance on spreadsheets for onboarding was cumbersome, the system’s inefficiencies became more evident. Additionally, with the team being remote, communication about leaves and availability via platforms like Slack became vital. Previously, they used Citrus HR and Xero for payroll, but the lack of connectivity and personal touch left much to be desired.

The solution

Streamlining processes through Zelt

Upon meeting Chris, Zelt’s CEO, Landmark Games embarked on a journey with Zelt. The seamless integration of Zelt with tools like Slack and Xero proved game-changing for the remote team. No longer did they need to manually communicate who was off or juggle between different systems for HR and payroll. Zelt’s user-friendly interface, clearly crafted with thoughtful UX design, was a stark contrast to clunkier platforms they had previously encountered, like their previous HRIS system Citrus.

Zelt has won Landmark Games significant time savings in moving to one HR and payroll platform, and allowed them to cut costs and postpone the hiring of a specific HR person.


Payroll and HR in one platform

One of the significant shifts Landmark Games appreciated was the seamless integration of HR and payroll within the Zelt platform. Previously, managing payroll through Xero meant duplicating efforts every time a new member was onboarded. With Zelt, this redundancy was eliminated. The unified system ensured that once an employee’s details were entered for HR purposes, they were readily available for payroll, saving time and minimizing potential errors. This consolidation not only made operational sense but also provided a holistic view of each team member’s records in one place. Furthermore, having previously managed their payroll independently, the transition to Zelt’s integrated approach offered both familiarity and enhanced efficiency, underlining Zelt’s commitment to streamlining essential HR processes for its users.


No more onboarding spreadsheets

For Landmark Games, the onboarding process with Zelt was more than just a step – it was an experience. From the moment they started, the platform’s “onboarding wizard” guided them through a streamlined procedure that was both intuitive and comprehensive. This wizard not only saved crucial man-hours but also provided a polished and professional first impression to every new joiner, reinforcing Landmark’s commitment to excellence from day one.

photo of dave burpitt
Dave Burpitt
CEO of Landmark Games

Coming from Citrus HR, you could tell that Zelt was designed by UX designers rather than an IT specialist. The UX design felt thoughtful.

Customer service

A customer experience that goes beyond what is expected

Furthermore, the customer service experience with Zelt was unparalleled. Queries were met with swift, concise responses, and the team was always ready to jump on a call whenever needed. This responsiveness was coupled with an expertise that went beyond just the platform; the Zelt support team demonstrated deep knowledge in areas of payroll and legal regulations, acting as a valuable resource for Landmark.

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