20 Apr 2022

Integration for Hubspot

Integrate HubSpot with Zelt’s unified employee management solution in order to manage user accounts for your employees

Integration features

  • Create accounts for new joiners during onboarding
  • Keep user information up to date via Zelt
  • Remove access for team members during offboarding
  • Coming soon: Log in via Zelt SSO
  • Coming soon: Assign users to groups
  • Coming soon: Analyse app usage across users and time


Permissions: Admin rights required to activate the integration

Plan: All HubSpot plans are supported

How to set up the HubSpot Integration in Zelt

All admins and any employee who has app install access can activate the integration. The integration can be set up within only a few seconds by following these simple steps:

  • Click the HubSpot icon in the Zelt app dashboard
  • Select Connect on the HubSpot information pop up to add HubSpot to your installed apps
  • Select Configure to set up the integration, you will be forwarded to the HubSpot OAuth consent screen
  • If you are not signed in already, sign into HubSpot
  • Give your consent
  • Access the HubSpot integration from your home screen under Apps

How to use the HubSpot Integration in Zelt

Once the integration is successfully installed, a HubSpot app icon will show up on your employee dashboard under Apps. By clicking on the icon Zelt admins can see who in the company has access to HubSpot and can enable or disable access, and assign licenses to individual users with one click.

  • List users: Lists who in your organisation has access to HubSpot and who does not
  • Create accounts: Invite users to get access to HubSpot and create their account
  • Remove accounts: Delete users to revoke access
  • Single Sign-on* (coming soon): Let everyone log in to HubSpot using their Zelt credentials

Hubspot will from now on show up during employee onboarding and offboarding. During Onboarding, a user account can be automatically created for a new joiner, either immediately or at a future date, and during offboarding Zelt checks if the employee has access to the app, and as an admin you can suspend or delete the account, either immediately or at a later date.

How to uninstall HubSpot in Zelt

​In order to uninstall HubSpot from your Zelt account, complete the following steps. Please note only Zelt users with super admin rights can manage your HubSpot account in Zelt.

  • Navigate to your HubSpot app in your Zelt account
  • Select Settings
  • Select Delete app

​Remove Zelt authorization from your HubSpot account

  • Login to your HubSpot Account and navigate to your installed apps.
  • Locate the Zelt app.
  • Remove Zelt.

​Support instructions

​If you have any questions regarding the above or any other topics related to this integration, our support team will respond promptly to any support tickets sent via

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