08 Aug 2022

Run payroll for all your employees in minutes

Payroll management can be one of the most stressful parts of running a company. If you manage payroll for your company in-house or you use an external provider for this, Zelt’s payroll feature makes this process secure and straightforward.

image of payroll in Zelt

Effortless process – pay your team in a matter of minutes

Avoid wasting time manually updating your employees’ information in a spreadsheet or accounting system. You can quickly set up your payroll in the Zelt app without any intermediaries and process it with only a few clicks.

Keep sensitive payroll data safe in one place

Don’t run the risk of data breaches by having to communicate sensitive information via unsafe mediums such as email. With the payroll feature, all the important data is stored in one place, and you have full control over who can access it. If you are using an accounting service, you can safely provide them access to process the payroll without being able to view any sensitive information about your employees.

Execute all payments in one go with open banking

Zelt integrates with most major UK banks, so you can start making payments straight away, without any set-up directly from your company’s bank account.

When running payroll with Zelt, your salary payments for each of your employees, as well as the contributions made to HMRC will appear under the Payments section. You can make the payments in bulk in a few minutes with Zelt’s bulk payments feature. Some banks allow you to set execution dates in the future, so you can create and authorise payments in advance and just set them to be automatically made on the exact day you schedule them on.

Enable employee self-service

Long gone are the days when an employee had to email several people to get their payslip or to make an update to their payroll record. Now they can simply log into their Zelt account and do that in a few seconds with no third-party interference.