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A next-generation HRIS at the heart of your people management in Sri Lanka. Forming the core of your people stack, Zelt programmatically drives your HR services, from time off to access management, payroll to benefits, all tailored for the Sri Lankan workforce. Minimise time spent on admin with Zelt's automation and employee self-service features, streamlining your HR processes in Sri Lanka's evolving business landscape. Choose Zelt for a modern HR solution that understands and meets the unique needs of Sri Lankan businesses.

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All your people data in one place

Keep all your employee and contractor information in one place, fully integrated and optimised for Sri Lanka's HR, payroll, and IT operations. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry more than once. Stay on top of important dates and events in your team with timely reminders, streamlining your processes and ensuring smooth operations across your business in Sri Lanka.

Run payroll in 60 seconds

Effortlessly submit payslips, generate invoices, and manage payments for your employees and contractors in Sri Lanka, all while maintaining seamless organization in your accounting journal. Streamline these essential financial tasks with a system designed to cater to the dynamic Sri Lankan business environment.

Automated workflows

Effortlessly approve holiday, laptop, and app access requests with a single click in Zelt or in Slack, streamlining your HR processes in Sri Lanka with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


Employees in Sri Lanka and around the world can directly request holidays, laptops, or performance reviews from Zelt, eliminating the need for back-and-forth email exchanges and streamlining your HR workflow.

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