11 May 2023

7 ways to improve employee experience and workplace culture

According to a recent study by Gartner, only 13% of employees feel completely satisfied at work. If you want a more productive and loyal workforce, engaging employees is the key, but it’s easier said than done.

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To successfully engage your team, HR and IT must collaborate to provide employees with the necessary tools and resources from day one to create a thriving workplace culture. Here’s an extract from our recent blog post on The Enterprises Project, sharing our top tips.

7 ways you can create an engaging environment

  1. Modern equipment: Enable employees to achieve their objectives by ensuring they have the right tools. Consider personal preferences and avoid impeding productivity.
  2. Best tools: In today’s hybrid and remote workplace, effective communication is essential. Upgrade to consumer-grade tools that offer seamless access across platforms.
  3. More freedom: Embrace the shift to remote work by offering flexible hours, work locations, and increased learning opportunities. Empower your employees with new freedoms.
  4. Better internet: Don’t let laggy connections hinder productivity. Upgrade internet plans for remote workers and invest in reliable internet in the office.
  5. Meet employees eye-to-eye: Move away from hierarchical management—Foster knowledge sharing and workplace collaboration by empowering employees with self-service options.
  6. Get a better office: Despite remote work’s advantages, an incredible office is still a perk. Create an open, comfortable environment with natural light, high-quality equipment, and spacious workstations.
  7. Host offsites: Even in a remote world, bring your team together periodically. Whether it’s a quarterly retreat or project-based gatherings, in-person interactions strengthen bonds.

Nurturing employee development requires continuous learning and improvement. For business leaders aiming to create a workplace that prioritises investment in employees and cultivates a positive, productive culture, check out the full article here.