16 Jun 2023

Integration for Workable

The Workable and Zelt integration streamlines talent acquisition and onboarding processes. It automates the onboarding of successful hires in Zelt, eliminating manual record management across systems. Key features include seamless data syncing, efficient hiring workflow, automated onboarding in Zelt, enhanced employee experience, centralized employee records, and compliance and security measures.

How to connect?

  1. Go to Apps in Zelt
  2. Find Workable in the list of integrations and click “Connect”
  3. Get your organisation’s Workable URL and the API key

workable integration instructions

How to onboard successful hires?

All successful hires will be listed in the integration Employments tab. You can trigger the onboarding directly from this list by selecting the preferred onboarding flow or you can set up an automated onboarding. So that every time you successfully hire another great team member, Zelt can push them into an automated flow and get them ready for their first day.

automated onboarding in zelt