11 Mar 2024

How to master remote hiring?

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What are the challenges of remote hiring?


When hiring internationally there are a myriad of challenges to be faced regarding local labour laws and regulations. This is especially the case if your organisation does not have an office in your new employee’s jurisdiction. Different countries have diverse rules about work hours, benefits, taxes, and more. Accidentally breaking any of these rules, as is possible when hiring without local knowledge, can incur your organisation massive penalties. Indeed, this complexity can make drafting contracts and managing remote employees daunting.

Cultural awareness

A huge benefit of remote work is that it allows your organisation to tap into a wider, global talent pool. However, with greater access comes greater responsibilities as a mix of cultural practice is introduced to your organisation. Diversity in your workplace is undoubtedly a strength, however without adequate understanding and management, these differences can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication, and even conflict. Cultural awareness requires a degree of flexibility from employers.


Open communication is the backbone of any successful team. For remote teams, the lack of face-to-face interactions can cause misinterpretations, feelings of isolation, and a breakdown in team cohesion. One [blank] study found that whilst employees universally preferred remote work to in person, they noted a decrease in the feeling on team belonging.

This is especially crucial during the onboarding process where remote employees can feel confused or disconnected if not properly acquainted with the company’s rules and processes. Time zone difference in particular exacerbates communication issues – this will need to be considered whilst setting meetings etc.


Ensuring that every remote team member has the necessary tools and a suitable environment to work effectively can be a challenge, especially if they’re situated in regions where certain technologies or resources are limited. Moreover setting up devices with the correct MDM can be a logistical hassle.

The solution: Zelt and Remote integration

Streamlined regulatory compliance

Remote is a platform that works as an Employer of Record (EOR), allowing you to easily hire in countries that your organisation holds no legal entity. That means that, in utilising Remote, the international hiring system is massively simplified – there is no need to worry about local laws and regulations – Remote will do that for you. In addition, your international employees’ payroll is managed by Remote, which takes away stress about tax, or currency issues.

Bridging cultural gaps and enhancing communication

Consider using a tool such as Zelt to keep all your employees on one platform, including employees managed via Remote thanks to our integration. Using Zelt means that your remote employees feel less alone in the onboarding process as everything is set out for them. For employees with cultural needs such as daily prayers, Zelt allows you to individualise schedules to fit the needs of your employees internationally.

Equipment and technical support

Zelt provides a solution to the expensive and complicated dilemma of sourcing regulated devices for remote and international employees. You can use Zelt to hire devices for your employees abroad, solving the cost and sourcing issue that many employers face. Additionally, all devices hired through Zelt come with automatic MDM that you can manage via Zelt.