21 Dec 2023

Toby from HR: Mastering a career in HR with Vaso Parisinou

Have you heard HR is all about beige cubicles and passive-aggressive post-it notes? Well, now it’s time to reconsider!

Welcome to the new podcast ‘Toby from HR’ – where Chris Priebe, CEO of Zelt, takes you on a ride through the (surprisingly) dynamic world of people ops. Inspired by our hapless, lacklustre friend Toby from The Office, this podcast aims to prove that people ops professionals have more in their toolkit than stern office-wide, memos. Join Chris as he chats with industry experts, shedding light on the intricacies of running a people-centric business.

The latest episode sees Chris Priebe sitting down with Vaso, Chief People Officer at Ravio to bust some common myths about careers in HR. Vaso’s career in people has been storied and unique – starting as the first people ops hire at Deliveroo, to now heading a major people team at a growing start up, Vaso has seen it all!

Listen to learn essential skills for success in people-focused roles, and get insight on mastering the art of perfecting an evolving people culture in your growing business.

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