30 Apr 2022

How to manage a workplace pension in Zelt

Long gone are the days when pension used to concern only the older ones of us. Today all employees want to know how much they are saving and be in control of their contributions. In this article you will find out how Zelt makes the process of managing pension simple.

Picture of a calculator

Zelt brings control back to you and your employees by integrating with modern pension providers like Nest and Smart Pension. Our API integration is available to connect in just a few clicks. Follow the simple guide below to learn how to use the Pension app in Zelt. And if you need more information on how employers can handle pensions for their employees, head on to our employer’s guide to pension contributions.​

Connect you pension provider

Head to our app Marketplace, find the Pension App and connect your pension provider such as Smart Pension, in just a few clicks. ​​

Assess and Enrol Employees

Zelt will tell you which of your employees are subject to auto enrolment based on their age and income. All new joiners, leavers and those who opt out will be synced automatically to your pension provider.​

Choose Contributions

Default employee and employer contributions are set directly in Zelt and applied to all new joiners automatically.

Your employees can set personal contributions in their Zelt employee portal and changes will automatically apply to your next pay run. No manual labour. ​

Increase Employee’s financial wellbeing

Three in five Britons don’t know how much they have in their pension savings or what income they will retire with. By managing your workplace autoenrollment pension on Zelt your employees will stay on track with their contributions, savings and growth over time and give them better ability to make choices right for them. This will help them plan better towards their retirement.