18 Jul 2023

Building and Investing in Tech Companies: A Conversation with Chris Priebe, Founder of Zelt

We are delighted to present an interview featuring Chris Priebe, the founder of Zelt, hosted by Ben Malloy. This interview offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights from Chris, as he shares his remarkable journey.

Throughout the interview, Chris openly discusses the challenges he encountered along his entrepreneurial path, providing thoughtful reflections on his experiences and the knowledge gained from them. His candid perspective offers a valuable glimpse into the realities of building a successful business in the tech industry.

The interview explores the realm of tech investing, as Chris graciously shares his insights on strategic investment practices. He offers guidance on key considerations when evaluating potential investments, emphasizing the importance of thorough due diligence and highlighting the identification of promising growth opportunities.

Whether you are an aspiring tech founder seeking inspiration or an enthusiastic investor in search of valuable insights, this interview with Chris Priebe is an invaluable resource. Discover firsthand how to navigate the dynamic landscape of the tech industry and gain essential strategies for building and growing a successful tech business, guided by one of the industry’s esteemed entrepreneurs – Chris Priebe, the founder of Zelt.