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Robin AI, a global leader in legal tech, harnesses the power of generative AI to simplify and streamline the contract processes for businesses worldwide. As they champion the vision of aligning the legal realm with the swift cadence of modern business, their advanced software provides legal teams with an innovative modular solution. Their pioneering efforts have garnered the support and backing of industry heavyweights, including Google, Episode 1, Plural, Forward Partners, and the SoftBank Emerge Program. As Robin AI continues its upward trajectory in both growth and product refinement, Zelt proudly supports them in their operational needs, specifically through efficient device rentals to bolster their expansive team.


Multiple devices delivered ready to go

In the competitive landscape of legal tech, Robin AI’s surge in growth brought with it the anticipated challenges, not least of which was the need for efficient device allocation to a newly onboarded team. January 2023 saw Robin AI gearing up to welcome 15 new employees, a considerable expansion that demanded immediate action, especially given the criticality of these roles in their operations.

While the holiday season typically slows down business operations, Robin AI’s need was pressing. The company turned to Zelt for assistance. Zelt, understanding the gravity of the situation, leveraged its robust device rental infrastructure to ensure Robin AI’s device requirements were met without delay. Demonstrating agility and a client-first approach, Zelt sourced and delivered the required devices, ensuring that Robin AI had all the necessary tools even before their new employees stepped through the door.


Rapid onboarding of a new team

Zelt’s commitment to Robin AI extended beyond just device provision. The rapid onboarding of a sizable team is a multifaceted challenge, especially during the peak holiday season when most operations are winding down.

However, Zelt rose to the occasion, ensuring a seamless integration of the new members into Robin AI’s ecosystem. Ensuring each device was tailored to the specific needs of its user, Zelt left no stone unturned. This proactive approach not only ensured that Robin AI’s new employees had a smooth entry into their roles but also underscored Zelt’s dedication to upholding its client’s operational continuity. As January rolled in, Robin AI’s new team members found themselves fully equipped, thanks to Zelt’s meticulous onboarding process, allowing them to dive straight into their roles and drive Robin AI’s mission forward.

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